Manufactory Secret About Electric Standing Desk You Won't be Told by Anyone

Buying a height adjustable standing desk is time consuming and you are supposed to be very carefully to get one that meets your needs when decide to buy a height adjustable standing desk online. There following advice is from Twispers who is very experienced in standing desk, you will not regret reading this article about sit to stand desk business. 

What determine the price of an electric height adjustable standing desk?

Well, the first part is the motor.

Normally there are two kind of motors on the markets, single motor, which controls the ups and downs of the legs with a hexagon rod. Single motor is budget friendly than dual motor.

Singel Motor Standing Desk

The problems you might have with single motor:

1. The legs are unlevel when hexagon rod is assembled incorrectly,  the desk might be lower or higher than another side.  

2. It takes you more patience to install and align the parts, if you make one mistake during the installation, you will redo the process again.

 If you are looking for a more smoothy height adjustable standing desk with longer lifetime, dual motor desk would be your first choice. Since the motors are installed on each legs, the pressure to the fame would be dispersed to two each legs, the motors will have a longer lifetime than single motor. and the most important is that you can save your time from aligning the legs.

Secondary, the frame of a standing desk matters!

 Can you tell me which les are more expensive?

Standing Desks Two Stage Lges  Standing Desk 3 stage legs

Obviously, the more stages the legs composed of, the more expensive the legs are, and also, the more stages, the more smoothly and quieter the standing desk can be. And since the frame if made of steel plate rectangular legs is cheaper than round legs because rectangular plate is a standard material, no customization and craft needed. So if you have limited budget, then regular two stages rectangular leg standing desk will work. Then another important about the frame you are supposed to consider is that the frame can be adjustable for larger tabletop in case you may change the tabletop to a bigger one after using a stand up desk for a while. 

Thirdly, the tabletop.

If you are abscessed with solid wood tabletop, then the only thing you would consider is which kind of solid wood you want, but the price is way from budget friendly. For regular standing desk, most of the tabletop is made from MDF or Chipboard.

For online shopping, shipping rates take large percentage of the cost of an item. Especially for a standing desk. To minimize the shipping cost, sellers tend to cut the board into few pieces and get a smaller package. In this case, you will need to assemble the boards together with wood pins and crews. If you are OK with the seams on the tabletop, then the spieced tabletop standing desk would be a very good choice. But if you do not want the seams, buy a whole piece tabletop standing desk. Finally for the tabletop, pay attention to check if there are pre-drilled screw hole and pilot screw on the tabletop, this feature will save you from drilling crew holes to connect the tabletop and frame. 

The last one, the handset/controller

 Few features that a handset would have you might consider. Does it has a Memory  Program that allows you to set the desk at the your favorable height? Does the controller has a electronic display? Now you know how to choose an electric height adjustable standing desk? Free fell to contact Twispers

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