How to Clean Leather Furniture

Do you really know how to clean and maintain your leather furniture? The top priority to be considered when you decide to buy furniture is comfort. And we all know leather furniture is the best choice due to the quality of tender, wear resistant. However, you probably will not just leave and ignore it after taking them home. It takes patience to clean and maintain a leather furniture like sofa, chair to extend lifetime.

How to Clean

Tools: leather cleaner, fabric cloth, water.

For dust, wipe the surface gently with a wet fabric cloth

For stains that is not easy to lean, get the fabric cloth wet deep into water with leather cleaner, then wring the water out, do remember to clean the back surface of the leather if you are not familiar with the leather cleaner. Then clean the surface again with a wet fabric cloth.

Then don’t hush to wipe the water with cloth, let the air dries the remaining water stains softly.

Daily Maintain

  1. The most important is to protect your furniture from sun exposure, cause the leather will fade and get rough from sunshine.
  2. Don’t place and set your leather furniture near fireplace or kitchen, keep it away from high temperature.
  3. Keep the leather furniture away from moisture, cause the leather will be chapped when frozen.
  4. Maintain your leather furniture with professional wax.
  5. Finally, keep your cat away from your leather furniture!!!
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