How to Choose A Best TV Mount Bracket

Obviously it is brilliant to have a clean TV entertainment center with a TV mounted to wall! Your kids and pets are safe to play around without worrying breaking down TV, and you get a TV that you can manipulate much easily than seating on the TV console.

When you are deciding to buy a TV mount to mount your TV to wall, you may find there are tooo many choices in the store near you or online. Inpropriate How can you find the best TV wall bracket from overwhelming options? Let Twispers tell you from in the view of manufacturing.

The first thing to remember, 99% TV mounts on the market are made in China, even those USA owned Brands like Sanus, Mantelmount, If you are interested, contact, we can offer you more information about the TV mount factories and manufactories.

Checking list you are supposed to check before you search online or drive to a store to buy a TV wall bracket:

1.Your wall type. Concrete wall or drywall with wood studs. If you are going to mount your TV on drywall with wood studs, measure the wood studs spacing, you should ensure the mount you want to buy can be mounted to either 14", 16", 18" or 24" wood studs. 

2. The weight of your TV without TV stand, it will decide the loadiability of the TV wall mount. 

3. The VESA pattern of your TV on the user manual or measuring by yourself so you can ensure the mount you choose will fit the VESA requirement. 

In most case, a full motion TV mount allows you to articulate, tilt and swivel, a low profile TV mount allows you to tilt your TV to a good position. It depends on your needs and budget. 

Usually, if you have checked the VESA pattern works for your TV, single arm full motion TV wall mount would be the best choice for drywall with wood studs, because the plate of a single arm TV mount can be mounted to one stud only and also you have more flexibility to move your TV.

After you decided the types of a TV bracket, the following tips help you find the best qualify one from similar looks and Brands.

Almost TV Mounts are made of alloy steel, so no matter which brand, which store you are going to buy a TV mount, the most important thing is to check the weight. The heavier would be the stronger one. Merchants are trying to cut the use of material as much as possible to save purchase cost and shipping cost. So when you are comparing similar TV mount, it is always right to buy a heavier one. The most popular steel plates used to cut, stamp, and weld  mount is 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm thickness, however, you barely have access to the drawing, then take a ruler if possible or ask the salesman directly.

A good TV mount manufacturer knows to improve their design, craft, and management instead of making jerry-build products by sacrificing the quality.

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